Do you love BBQ? Then you’re going to love this episode of Chicago’s Very Own Eats.

Hosts Kevin Powell and Michael Piff have been on a barbecue kick lately, and apparently they aren’t alone. First, they talk with Chicago Culinary Kitchen owner Greg Gaardbo about his place in Palatine that is also topping multiple lists for Chicago food lovers, including Eater Chicago’s 20 Essential Suburban Restaurants. Greg tells Kevin and Mike about where it all began, what goes into the menu and the amazing daily specials, why they rock so hard (seriously, they do), and how his personality shows in both the food and the location.

Chicago Tribune food critic Nick Kindelsperger ALSO just visited Chicago Culinary Kitchen and several more suburban barbecue places. Nick returns for his 3rd time on the podcast to talk about his recent adventures, what’s cooking in the suburbs, where you can get great barbecue in the city and more!

LISTEN below and tell us about your favorite BBQ places around Chicago on Twitter at at @KPowell720 and @Mike_Piff03!

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