Going to Lollapalooza this weekend? Kevin Powell and Michael Piff know where you need to go to eat in between or after sets at Grant Park…and in walking distance!

Before they get into their Lolla recommendations, Chicago’s Very Own Eats hosts Kevin and Mike discuss the discontinuation of the Choco Taco and list their go-to items from the ice cream trucks of their childhood. Remember Chocolate Eclairs? Chocolate Chipwiches? Your favorite cartoon characters on a stick? The conversation gets very nostalgic.

Then Mike and Kevin list all their favorite spots for Lollapalooza festival goers (and interested artists scheduled to perform) to get a bite to eat. They cover pizza places, burger joints, classics and more!

LISTEN below to hear Kevin and Mike’s recommendations and tell them about some of your favorite spots or ice cream truck choices on Twitter at at @KPowell720 and @Mike_Piff03!

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Below is Michael Piff’s full list of recommendations of places to eat during Lollapalooza, all within walking distance. Listen to hear Kevin Powell’s picks.


  • Pizano’s Pizza at 61 E. Madison
  • Flo and Santos at 1310 S. Wabash
  • Aurelio’s south loop at 1212 S. Michigan Ave
  • Lou Malnati’s at 410 Michigan Ave
  • Art of Pizza on 727 S. State St.
  • Roots South Loop at 744 S. Dearborn


  • Billy Goat Tavern at 430 N Michigan Ave.
  • The Gage at 24 S. Michigan Ave
  • Potter’s 124 S. Wabash in the Palmer House
  • Doc B’s at 55 E. Grand Ave.
  • Shake Shack is never a bad call, 12 S. Michigan in the lobby of Chicago Athletic Association


  • Acanto 18 S. Michigan
  • The Italian Village 71 W. Monroe St
  • Rosebud 130 E. Randolph
  • Eataly 43 E. Ohio St.

Other Recommendations

  • Revival Food Hall at 125 S. Clark St.
  • Aster Hall at 900 N. Michigan Ave.
  • Purple Pig 444 Michigan Ave
  • The Dearborn 145 N. Dearborn St.
  • Sweetwater Tavern 225 N. Michigan
  • Miller’s Pub 134 S. Wabash
  • Meli Café 500 S. Dearborn
  • Fontano’s Subs and Pizzeria 332 S. Michigan Ave.
  • Michael Jordan’s 505 N. Michigan Ave.
  • Gibson’s 1028 N. Rush Street
  • Jake Melnick’s 41 E. Superior