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The Thursday Afternoon Focus brings you a deep look into news stories, and issues from different points of view. 2020 has been a challenging one for law enforcement across the country, so this week we are looking at policing in America.

Full Interview: ‘Bank The Blue’

Attorney Dan Herbert, who is a former CPD officer along with former cop Jeff Salvetti are the founders of Bank The Blue, a police-focused mental health program aimed to help officers who may have experience mental trauma.

Full Interview: Mental health specialists will be responding with police in new pilot program

Dave Gomel, president of Rosecrance Health Network, joins Steve Bertrand on Chicago’s Afternoon News to talk about a program launching in November that pairs crisis-intervention specialists from Rosecrance with Winnebago County sheriff’s deputies and Rockford police officers responding to emergency psychiatric and suicidal situations. The three-month pilot program is aimed at diverting people in crises away from the criminal justice system and into mental health treatment.

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