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Gamechangers: Introverts to Watch in 2023

HushLoudly recognizes 42 influential, introverted leaders on World Introvert Day.

CHICAGO, Jan. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- On World Introvert Day, HushLoudly, the podcast and brand dedicated to amplifying the voices of introverts, released Gamechangers: Introverts to Watch in 2023, a comprehensive list of influential, introverted leaders. This inaugural list includes 42 corporate and non-profit executives, best-selling authors, speakers, professors, coaches, graphic designers, entrepreneurs, television executives, filmmakers and screenwriters who are 'changing the game' and changing the narrative about individuals who have a preference for introversion.

Gamechangers: Introverts to Watch in 2023

"In a society where the most extroverted personalities are celebrated and rewarded, we wanted to celebrate those with a preference for introversion who are moving the needle, working with purpose and making a difference in their respective areas authentically," said Jeri Bingham, Founder of HushLoudly and Black Introvert Week (2/8-2/15), "Through their bodies of work, these Gamechangers are reversing stereotypes, a critical measure as companies are committing to being more inclusive of their employees' differences - - and yes, diversity and inclusion extends to personality type."

Susan Cain, NYT Bestselling Author of Quiet and Bittersweet, who is included on the Gamechangers: Introverts to Watch list, is offering a 35% discount for her Quiet at Work course in support of those with a preference for introversion. In the 30-day interactive course, registrants will explore strategies, tools, and practical steps to take to communicate, to network, and to lead as an introvert – without having to pretend to be someone else. Learn more about Susan Cain at and sign up for the Quiet at Work course on her website here using the coupon code HUSHLOUDLY between World Introvert Day (January 2) and the end of Black Introvert Week (February 15th).

"I'm hopeful that this Gamechangers list will educate those who discount personalities they simply don't understand," said Bingham. "It's our differences that make us special and the world needs to embrace that."

Gamechangers: Introverts to Watch in 2023

Kenny Anderson, Senior Retail Executive & Consultant

Cecile Angeles, Strategic Insights Leader

Andrew Bennett, Founder and President, Bennett Performance Group

Chelsey Brooke Cole, Licensed Psychotherapist, Author, Speaker, and Coach

Collette Brown Rogers, Higher Education Leader, Researcher, Doctoral Candidate

Lisa Cain, Design Strategist

Susan Cain, NYT Bestselling Author of Quiet and Bittersweet

Courtney Carver, Author, Simplicity Advocate

Judaline Cassidy, CVO, Plumber, Speaker

Meagan Connley, Explorer, Creator, Reflector

Christina Crawford Steed, Communications Expert and Professor

Matthew DiGirolamo, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, L'Oreal North America

Keni Dominguez, PeopleOps Strategist & Salary Negotiation Coach

Richard Etienne, Personal Branding Consultant and Filmmaker

Steve Friedman, Author of The Corporate Introvert

Rene Germain, Author of Black and Great, Speaker

Jenn Granneman, Founder of and author of SENSITIVE

Howard Griffith II, Graphic Artist

Alan Heymann, Founder and Coach, Peaceful Direction

Darrious Hilmon, Executive Director and Executive Producer, CAN TV

Melissa Hoyer, Financial Advisor and Coach

Lisa Hurley, Anthem Award-Winning Activist and Co-Founder & Co-Host, The Introvert Sisters Podcast

Sharon Hurley Hall, Founder, Sharon's Anti-Racism Newsletter & Co-Host, The Introvert Sisters Podcast

Dr. John Igwebuike, Founder, The Lead Listening Society and the Transformational Listening Conference

Margaret Izard Oskoui, Co-founder and CEO, Peacock Voices

Sylvia L. Jones, TV & Film Writer/Producer + Founder: Sylvia L. Jones Presents: A Writer's Retreat & Workshop

Shereen Jegtvig Lehman, Founder, Introverts Retreat

Brenda Levesque, The Chic City Girl

Angela Lifsey, Executive Coach & Director of Career Development, Harvard University

Katharine Manning, President and Founder, Blackbird LLC

Cynthia Pong, JD, Founder and CEO of Embrace Change

Ekow Sanni-Thomas, Founder, Inside Voices

Michael Segovia, Principal Consultant and Certification Faculty, The Myers-Briggs Company

Mary Shapiro, Fellow, Simmons University Institute of Inclusive Leadership

Ryan Showalter, Director, COMMERCIAL INSIGHTS, 84.51°

Melanie Sillas, Executive Director, Chicago State Foundation

Carol Stewart, Executive, Career, Leadership Coach, Abounding Solutions

John Tarnoff, Executive & Career Transition Coach

Peter Vogt, The Introvert Advocate

Robyn Willard, Founder, Chief Creative Officer, Reign Entertainment

Morgan Williams, Entrepreneur

Jeri Bingham, Founder, HushLoudly + Founder, Black Introvert Week + Higher Education Executive, Adjunct Instructor and Doctoral Candidate

About HushLoudly

HushLoudly: Introverts Redefined is a brand and podcast hosted by Jeri Bingham that is dedicated to redefining society's misperceptions of introversion. HushLoudly gives rise to those with a preference for introversion by raising their voices and sharing the stories, challenges and successes of introverts living in an extrovert-rewarding world. The HushLoudly audio podcast is available here at WGN Radio, or anywhere podcasts are found. The HushLoudly televised podcast is available here at CAN TV. Visit the HushLoudly website or for more information.

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