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Dry cleaning comes down to two things: Convenience and quality. Everyone wants to skip that dreaded trip to the cleaners, and yet have their clothes cleaned, washed, pressed to perfection, and delivered to their door without any hassle. As the dry cleaning industry continues to change, this idea has become a reality.

Alternative solutions to the average dry cleaning experience have come on the market.  Having a convenient option for your dry cleaning, tailoring and repairs can make a huge impact on both your personal and professional life because let’s be realistic – we all live a busy lifestyle, and one of the things we treasure most is our time.

It’s understandable to not want to sacrifice quality over convenience, which is why the dry cleaning delivery service industry is making quality another top priority. It is essential for companies to maintain a consistent commitment to certain standards that achieve high-quality delivery in order to satisfy the customer and build that relationship.  An example of a company that does exactly that, is Drive Cleaning.

They connect you with one of their local dry cleaning vendors, who will be able to pick and deliver your dry cleaning, right to your door, free of charge. In these three easy steps you’ll have the most convenient, high quality cleaning, and locally friendly delivery experience.

  • Enter your zipcode: First they’ll check to see if they’ve got service in your neighborhood.


  • Schedule pick-up: Their drivers are always prompt, courteous, and dependable.  They prioritize your customer service experience and intend to give you the best one.


  • Receive dry cleaning: You’ll never need to run to the cleaners again! And if you need your clothes ASAP, rush service is available at no additional charge, which is to say the least – pretty awesome.

On demand services, like Drive Cleaning, “are no longer just time suckers to fiddle with when you want to hide from real life by burying your face in your smart phone,” says Forbes’ contributor, Sarah Boyd. In fact, many apps are intended to do the opposite – make your life easier and save you time. “With the advent of [those] handy newfangled business models, you can ‘run’ pretty much any errand, without doing any running at all.”

Fact is, the dry cleaning game is changing. Companies want to simplify your life and save you that dreaded twice a week trip to the cleaners, by delivering your dry cleaning right to your door. Convenience and quality are always a top priority, and when a company like Drive Cleaning does not sacrifice one for the other, you’ve struck gold.