What to know before visiting Spain: Cody Gough’s travel tips (web-exclusive)

Brian Noonan

Cody Gough in Toledo, Spain

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Cody Gough returns to the web-exclusive Brian Noonan Show Podcast after spending over two weeks in Spain, equipped with travel tips for a soon-to-be-Madrid-bound Brian Noonan.Cody explains how he worked from an office in Madrid for a week before taking time off to relax overseas, then answers Brian’s questions about safety, cuisine, and the public transportation system in Madrid. He also touches on his day trip to Toledo and a short trip to Sevilla, including a visit with the author of an exceptional travel blog called Sunshine and Siestas who had many helpful resources as an American who moved to Spain permanently after graduating college. Tune in to hear Cody’s top tips, a few vocabulary words that will help you order beer more effectively, and Brian’s thoughts as he approaches his own (first ever) European vacation!

Hear Cody talk about some of his favorite experiences in Spain, plus hear his co-host discuss tips for visiting Las Vegas, on his WGN Plus podcast, Game/Life Balance U.S.

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