Brian Noonan’s Christmas Eve Spectacular!

Brian Noonan

Brian Noonan is in for John Williams on this foggy Christmas Eve bringing you all of the laughs you need this morning!

To kick off the show, Brian covers some stories such as Lincoln’s alleged hat, a school distrcit accused of plagiarism and two friends who have sent Christmas cards to each other for decades and how our Christmas card habits have changed over the years.

Brian then talks to listeners about how to deal with guest who over stay their welcome and we all know which guest we’re talking about. He also wants to know why most family game nights end in fights. To close out the hour, Brian presents one of his classic recordings titled “Yes, Virginia, There is a Santa Claus”.

Then, the conversation turns to wine and holiday meals with wine superstar, James Beard Award winner and show favorite Belinda Chang. Belinda brought Brian in some treats and she also shares her knowledge on wine and champagne and some tips on how to pair those beverages well with certain holiday treats. Then, producer extraordinaire Cody Gough calls in!

To wrap up the show, Brian plays you another one of his favorite Christmas Classics titled “Twas a Night Before Christmas”!

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