Brian Noonan Show 1/27/19: Winter weatherproofing and finding a work-life balance

Brian Noonan

Brian Noonan shoveling in extreme winter weather (Photo credit: Brian Noonan / WGN Radio Chicago)

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Brian talks about the severe winter weather in Chicago, from how to protect your home from the icy cold to why people choose to stay in a cold climate instead of move to warmer places. Plus: author Bryan Robinson discusses how to find a better work-life balance.

To kick off the show, Brian talks about the severe winter weather and why some very bad luck on the road kept him home on Saturday. Kevin Powell then calls in with an update on SoxFest 2019 and discusses all things White Sox baseball.

Lou Manfredini then joins Brian by phone to talk about how to prepare and protect your home for the extreme winter weather blanketing Chicagoland. He discusses how you should set the humidity in your home, how to keep pipes from freezing (and what to do if they freeze), how to deal with a drafty fireplace, how to weatherproof your home, and more.

Then, licensed psychotherapist and professor Bryan Robinson talks about his new book, “#Chill: Turn Off Your Job and Turn On Your Life.” He explains why it’s important for workaholics and others let go of anxiety, and how they can achieve and maintain the healthy work/life balance they need.

In the face of severe winter weather and sub-zero temperatures, Brian asks: would you move to a warmer climate if you had the chance, and if not, then what is the main thing keeping you in the greater Chicago area? The phone lines light up as listeners of all ages and backgrounds weigh in on why they choose to live in a colder climate, and what might compel them to move somewhere warmer.

Then Brian talks about “presenteeism,” the practice of going to work while , and how it affects workers and their employers. He also says that emotional support animals have gone too far after a man opted to get an emotional support alligator so he wouldn’t have to take medication. He wraps up the show by talking about a recent string of Chicago robberies targeting Canada Goose coats.

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