Brian Noonan Show 10/8/17: Wedding woes and comfort objects

Brian Noonan
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Brian discusses what can happen when the wedding industry gets out of hand, when it’s time to let go of your childhood “comfort objects,” and how fairly late night comedians need to treat U.S. politicians.

To kick off the show, Brian and the crew discuss how the wedding industry can distort the true meaning of weddings, a relevant topic as Brian’s producer Cody Gough prepares for his upcoming nuptials next week. Brian shares a story of a “bridezilla” with unreasonable wedding party demands to highlight his point. Plus: Cody cautions listeners to be wary of Groupon “deals” that may in fact be a complete ripoff.

Then, Brian examines the concept of the “transition object” or “comfort object,” asking listeners if they still have teddy bears or other stuffed animals they used to sleep with when they were kids. He shares his personal (and hilarious) story of a ravaged Bugs Bunny doll that will leave you laughing!

Turning to current news, Brian discusses Donald Trump’s latest tweets that late night comedy shows should give “equal time” to all politicians. Listeners chime in with their thoughts on whether that makes sense or if it’s an unreasonable demand.

To wrap up the show, Karen Conti joins Brian in-studio to answer questions about the ongoing Las Vegas shooting investigation, then helps listeners with their legal problems via call or text, including several questions about landlord and tenant relationships and car insurance claim issues.

Editor’s note: Cody Gough, Brian’s producer, recently launched a new podcast called the Curiosity Podcast. Subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, or SoundCloud, and if you love it, then please consider leaving a review!

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