Brian Noonan Show 7/15/18: Sports memorabilia appraisals and protest season

Brian Noonan

WGN Radio’s Brian Noonan (left) and Baseball in the Attic’s Michael Osacky (right) in the Allstate Skyline Studio (Photo credit: Cody Gough / WGN Radio)

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Michael Osacky from Baseball in the Attic joins Brian in-studio to discuss sports memorabilia and appraise items mentioned by listeners. Plus: the latest protests in and around town and why they’re happening in the first place.

To kick off the show, Brian covers the breaking news that Chicago police released body camera footage from the fatal officer-involved shooting that prompted hours of protests. He describes the footage in detail and discusses the implications of the video.

Then, certified sports memorabilia expert Michael Osacky of Baseball in the Attic joins Brian in-studio to discuss sports memorabilia ahead of the MLB All-Star Game. He takes calls from listeners who want to get an idea of how much their sports memorabilia might be worth, including bobbleheads, hockey sticks, Sammy Sosa merchandise, baseball cards that are more than 100 years old, a White Sox autographed team baseball from the early 1990s, and more.

Newsman Roger Badesch then has an entertaining conversation with Brian about his t-shirt, which proclaims him “World’s Best Grandfather,” and Brian somehow pivots to a discussion on how there are fewer teenagers working summer jobs than there were in previous generations.

To wrap up the show, Brian discusses a peaceful protest after a security guard confronted a mother who was breastfeeding at Fox Valley Mall. He asks: why is it still not okay with some people that women breast feed in public? He also explains why he was happy that he wasn’t at the zoo in New Orleans when an animal escaped earlier in the month.

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