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An April Fool’s Day scandal rocks the show in the most hilarious fashion, Brian tells his “saddest Easter story ever,” and the program takes several unexpected turns.

To kick off the show, Cody Gough announces that he’s going to host the program because Brian was “let go” from the station earlier in the day. He conveniently recorded Brian in a studio while he was on the phone with management, plays back the audio multiple times, and takes a few calls about the change. Cody also teases some new segments, including Dubstep Hour, Final Fantasy XIV Patch Notes, and Googling Plural Words.

Brian continues Cody’s brand-new edition of Florida News with some hilarious stories from Florida, and then lets listeners in on a little April Fool’s Day insider fun.

Then: how much money are people spending on Easter this year? Brian explains that it’s billions of dollars, and he and Cody discuss why. They also talk about the most and least healthy candy you can eat around Easter time.

How do you feel about “free range” parenting, where parents leave their kids alone when they’re old enough to function but when others believe they maybe shouldn’t be left to their own devices? Brian asks what listeners think is a sufficient age for children to be allowed to do things while they’re alone.

Brian then tells “the saddest Easter story ever,” an annual favorite for listeners which is also the origin story of his perhaps unreasonable distaste for ham.

In a new edition of “Regular Guy Theatre Reviews,” Brian discusses Broadway in Chicago’s Pretty Woman: The Musical, which he gives 5 out of 5 monocles and highly recommends to listeners.

Plus: Cody, Brian, and Roger trade roles, Ted Nugent says something really stupid about victims of gun violence, and Brian wraps up the show with a riveting conversation about “phubbing” and how cell phones can negatively affect your relationships and mental health.