Brian Noonan Show 1/21/18: Chicago Restaurant Week, consent apps, and the word “elderly”

Brian Noonan
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Brian’s show has been moved to the 3-7pm Sunday time slot, and his first show at the new time doesn’t disappoint! Brian gives his thoughts on the government shutdown, women’s marches, apps for giving consent, and the word “elderly.” Plus: hear what’s new for Chicago Restaurant Week in 2018!

To kick off the show, Brian gives the rundown of who exactly is affected by the government shutdown, including suspended services and other changes you can expect while Washington struggles to get its act together. He also recaps the previous day’s women’s march and asks listeners why they marched or why they stayed home.

Then, learn about the Tide Pod Donut, which you can buy from Hertz Donuts in Wichita, Kansas. Sticking with the topic of food, Brian welcomes Chicago Restaurant Week Director of Partnerships Jordan Engerman to discuss big changes to Chicago Restaurant Week, coming up January 26 through February 8, 2018. He talks about the 100 new restaurants participating this year and explains the  First Bites Bash, the official kick-off event for Chicago Restaurant Week, on Thursday, January 25 at Navy Pier.

Brian follows up a great interview with a hilarious brainstorm following a new study that says you could get the flu just from breathing. He then gives away a pair of tickets to see Potted Potter at Water Tower Place!

How are you doing with your New Year’s Resolutions? Brian checks in after 3 weeks of 2018, then talks about the Screen Actors Guild Awards and explains what a “screener” is (plus: how he was able to participate in the awards).

Brian then asks: if you’re dating and you had the option of signing a consent form prior to the date, would you do it? A new app may have the answers… or create more problems. Brian continues the “tech talk” with potential pros and cons of Amazon picking Chicago for their second headquarters, including myths about real estate price inflation tax breaks.

Once Roger Badesch enters the newsroom, Brian turns the conversation to the question of what the word “elderly” means. Listeners chime in with their thoughts on how age, health, and knowledge define the word, and whether the term is disrespectful or offensive.

To wrap up the show, Brian discusses new research from a microbiologist who explains why you should change your sheets at least once a week. Karen Conti also joins Brian for a goodbye segment after 6 years working on Brain’s show! You can hear Karen Conti host her own show every Sunday from 7-9pm on WGN Radio.

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