Brian Noonan Show 1/6/19: Celebrity politics, online dating, and partial government shutdown

Brian Noonan

Brian Noonan at WGN Radio (Photo credit: Brian Noonan / WGN Radio Chicago)

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Brian talks about the Bears in the playoffs, celebrities giving political speeches at awards ceremonies, online dating and privacy, and the implications of the partial government shutdown.

To kick off the show, Brian talks to his producer, Cody Gough, about transportation between Chicago and Rockford. Why take a regional bus when you can rent a car? Then, WGN Radio’s Kevin Powell calls in from Soldier Field with a preview of the Bears playoff game.

Brian continues talking about the Bears while Cody explains why he’s watching video game speed runs during the Awesome Games Done Quick charity event (instead of watching the Bears game like everyone else in Chicago). After some more Bears talk, Brian switches gears to talk about basketball — specifically, a story about a high school basketball team using triplets to swap free-throw shooters during a game. Is it cheating, or is it “using an edge” to win? Listeners weigh in.

Ahead of this evening’s Golden Globes ceremony, Brian asks: should celebrities “get political” in their speeches? He and Cody discuss, before they talk about the 1995 movie “Showgirls,” which Cody saw earlier that weekend. They spin off into a discussion about movies set in Las Vegas before getting back to the Golden Globes and talking about this evening’s nominees.

Could you give up your phone for a year? Now that the Weather Channel app has been accused of selling the personal data of its users, Brian and Cody discuss the pros and cons. They also talk about a hilarious series of events involving newsman Roger Badesch, who joins them for a brief conversation about Amazon delivery.

Mark Newland then calls into the show to talk about the “Government Shutdown Litter Patrol” hike he’s taking with his daughter Erica to clean up Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

Then, Brian discusses how ridiculous it is that New Orleans was beaten out by a couple other cities in what he says is a terrible list of “best cities for nightlife in America.” He and Cody also discuss “Dating Sunday,” the busiest day of the year for online dating, and how you can make your profile stand out from others if you’re on the online dating scene. The show wraps up with a brand-new edition of “Florida News” — the first of 2019!

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