Brian Noonan Show 8/27/17: Brian’s eclipse adventure and wedding invitation etiquette

Brian Noonan

Brian Noonan captures the 2017 solar eclipse from within the path of totality in Carbondale, Illinois (Photo Credit: Brian Noonan / WGN Radio)

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Brian recounts his Carbondale adventure during the solar eclipse. Plus: how do you address a wedding invitation in 2017, and when does tradition trump etiquette?

To kick off the show, Brian talks to WGN Radio’s Ryan Burrow live from Houston for an update on the extreme flooding in Texas thanks to Hurricane Harvey. Then, a local television reporter checks in with her experience getting stuck in Texas with no way of returning to Chicago as the flooding rages and it becomes increasingly difficult to leave the area.

Then, Brian and the crew launch into an epic discussion about the etiquette when addressing wedding invitations and other situations involving the phrase “Mr. and Mrs. Husband’s-Firstname Lastname.” At what point does political correctness trump tradition? Cody Gough, Brian’s producer, chimes in on his personal approach as his wedding day draws near.

Plus: in a terribly misguided attempt at protecting their eyes, apparently some people actually applied sunscreen directly to their eyes during last week’s total solar eclipse. Brian provides his always hilarious commentary on that kind of behavior, and also recounts his incredible experience viewing the eclipse from within the path of totality in Carbondale.

To wrap up the show, Karen Conti joins Brian in-studio to discuss President Trump’s pardoning of Joe Arpaio, former Arizona sheriff, then answer some legal questions from listeners via call or text.

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