Brian Noonan Podcast Holiday Spectacular (web-exclusive!)

Brian Noonan
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Brian Noonan and Cody Gough host an in-studio holiday party, featuring delicious holiday treats and live music from musical guest Jess Godwin. Plus: Roger Badesch, Joey Gelman, and more special guests in a jam-packed holiday special brought to you by our good friends at Lou Malnati’s!

Jess Godwin kicks off the show by discussing her upcoming show at Steppenwolf called Muses, which takes place January 28, 2017, then sings some Christmas music accompanied by her ukelele. Cody Gough then explains what a Moravian star is, having recently traveled to Winston-Salem, North Carolina, where there is a lot of Moravian history. He also presses Brian to defend his ownership of half a dozen Christmas trees, which his daughter also tries to explain while she’s hanging out as part of the big holiday special.

After some more live music from Jess: Santa Claus calls! He discusses whether members of the crew are on the naughty or nice list, and answers questions about how his holiday is going this year. Roger Badesch and Joey Gelman then present a lesson on the history and meaning of the dreidel, including some background on Hebrew and whether “Hannukah Harry” is a thing or not (hint: it’s really not). Roger also tries to teach everyone a song in Hebrew, with mixed—albeit hilarious—results.

To wrap up the show, Brian bookends a beautiful a capella rendition of The Christmas Song from Jess Godwin with the show’s traditional delivery of Yes, Virginia and ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. And Cody’s girlfriend stops by with a quick anecdote on “cheese straws!” You’ll laugh AND learn with this feature-length Holiday Spectacular, brought to you by the wonderful people at Lou Malnati’s.

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