Brian Noonan Full Show 11.01.19 | “Latin History for Morons” and Goddess and Grocer Thanksgiving Treats!

Brian Noonan

Brian Noonan with Goddess and Grocer’s very own Jill Dedinsky

Brian gives a “Bow Tie Theatre Review” of “Latin History for Morons”, then discusses the Thanksgiving treats, Real ID’s and Popeyes Chicken’s new chicken sandwich.

Brian opens the show by talking with the Executive Chef of Catering over at Goddess and Grocer, Jill Dedinsky. Listen as Jill gives tips for getting everything done/ready at the same time. Plus: learn about Thanksgiving catering options from Goddess and Grocer!

Then, Brian brings you his Bow Tie Theatre Review of “Latin History for Morons” a play by John Leguizamo.

To wrap up the show, Brian and the crew talk about in the redundancy of having to get your Real ID, what exactly is a “bop” regards to music and whether or not Popeyes chicken sandwich is all the rage.

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