Brian Noonan and Cody Gough web-exclusive podcast 12/7/16

Brian Noonan

Live from the EDM festival Dreamstate 2016 in Mexico City

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Brian Noonan and Cody Gough get together for a very free-form podcast, discussing everything from Cody’s recent trip to Mexico City to Brian’s Christmas traditions and decorating policies.

They start with a debate about the meaning of the word “podcast” and how to share their Facebook Live broadcast with their friends (including tweeting at President-elect Donald Trump), then launch into an ultimately futile attempt to manage Cody’s hair. Brian then recounts the horrifying tale of kindergartners trying to get him sick with their holiday illnesses, then discusses with Cody when it’s appropriate to send Christmas cards.

Then, Cody discusses his plans to see Guns N’ Roses at least one time following their announcement of new concert tour dates in 2017, and Brian has some travel and concert attendance tips to help him make the most of it.

It also just so happens that Cody spent 3 days in Mexico City prior to recording this podcast episode, so Cody recounts his adventures in Teotihuacan and at the EDM festival Dreamstate 2016 over the weekend. This leads to the realization that Brian used to smoke a lot of cigars, plus discussion on how Mexico City is actually a lot more safe than everyone seems to think.

Plus: Brian has a LOT of Christmas trees up in his house. How many? You’ll have to listen to find out! He and Cody talk about decorating as a “couple activity” and also discuss Christmas movie classics such as Bad Santa, Elf, and the upcoming Bad Santa 2. Enjoy all this and more with a web-exclusive 90 minutes of Brian Noonan and Cody Gough!

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