Brian Noonan and Cody Gough talk Trump coverage burnout and holiday homecomings

Brian Noonan
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Cody joins Brian in-studio just after returning from a very early flight from North Carolina, setting up the podcast for a groggy (perhaps even curmudgeonly) delivery that Brian is excited to hear.The show starts with a lengthy debate about fake news and how much people around the world are focusing their energy on discussing Donald Trump. Are Americans talking about him too much, or is it their duty to “stay vigilant” as Brian suggests and make sure that everyone is always paying attention to the next administration?

Then, Brian describes how thoroughly he and his wife cleaned their house as they prepared for their daughter to return from a semester abroad, and discusses her reaction upon returning to the U.S.  Hear about the dramatic quest to try to make it to a recital on minimal sleep, and how the evening ended. Brian and Cody also discuss Christmas movies, and Brian reveals that he used to smoke cigars, which Cody somehow never knew even after having worked with Brian for over 8 years.

Plus: Cody shares some things he learned about Winston-Salem while traveling to North Carolina over the weekend, and Brian discusses how he travels when he’s visiting family. The show wraps up with a discussion on how circles of friends change over the years, followed by Brian’s epic tale of day drinking at Rosemont and how it caused a calamity on his way to pick up his daughter from O’Hare. That international terminal is something else—don’t miss his advice!

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