Brian Noonan and Cody Gough talk road trips, hotel hunting, customer service

Brian Noonan
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Brian recounts his epic cross-country road trip to Los Angeles with his daughter. Hear him talk about last-minute hotel booking insanity, the Grand Canyon, eating at west coast burger joints, and much more!Marvel at Brian’s wondrous description of one of America’s natural wonders after he and Cody share their bizarre stories about drinking soda at Fazoli’s, and why Cody finds Brian’s scavenger hunt for hotels completely nightmarish. Cody also goes on a rage-filled tangent about the best and worst customer service he’s experienced at AirBNB and at other organizations like the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, which ties into Brian’s new hotel friend “Tim.” Brian also briefly touches on what Snoopy has to do with his dog’s name, how he felt about sharing his trip on social media, and other various tidbits that you won’t want to miss in this feature-length episode.

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