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Brian and Cody present a web-exclusive holiday special, featuring classic Christmas segments, new traditions, and a very special guest!

To kick off the show, Brian’s daughter Molly joins the show and the crew discusses Christmas decorating traditions, including a LOT of Christmas trees around the Noonan household. Speaking of traditions, Brian presents his classic recordings of “Yes, Virginia” and “Twas the Night Before Christmas.”

Brian, Cody, and Molly then read hilarious tweets from “Santa’s deleted Twitter account.” They then talk about Christmas movie traditions, including very strong opinions about “Miracle on 34th Street” and “A Christmas Story.” They also discuss the merits of the day after Christmas, and why it’s one of the best days of the year to not have to do anything.

Then, the conversation turns to ugly Christmas sweaters and other holiday party traditions. There’s also some discussion of how strong an egg nog and brandy is supposed to be (hint: not as strong as Cody usually makes them). Plus: how does everybody feel about spending Christmas in warm climates like California or in crowded places like New York City?

To wrap up the podcast, Brian and Molly close the book on the “Flat Molly” saga in hilarious fashion. They also explain how to buy Christmas stockings for dogs, and why it’s important for some families to do so. The crew also follows up on the great egg nog saga from their last web-exclusive podcast, which you definitely need to check out because it was hilarious.

Editor’s note: Cody also now hosts an educational podcast called the Curiosity Podcast, featuring in-depth interviews with experts every week. Learn something new every week on iTunesStitcher,SoundCloud, and everywhere else podcasts are found!