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Brian, Cody, and a special guest talk about extravagant breakfast presentations, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Christmas week, bowling, Alaska, life in New York City, and more.

To kick off the special web-exclusive podcast, Brian discusses an extremely elaborate breakfast tradition at the school where he substitute teaches, including a pancake bar, cookies, fruit salad, bagels, pecans, and several other amenities that make Cody think he’s actually opening a self-serve frozen yogurt storefront.

Then, Cody talks about his Christmas week traditions, including a lot of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate he sees in his near future. The conversation is cut short when newsman Roger Badesch calls in from a bowling alley after winning a game by about 70 pins. Roger talks about how he’d just bowled a 189, then hands the phone to one of his bowling league teammates, who gives a play-by-play call of Roger’s last three frames — and he hits a turkey! When Roger gets the phone back, Brian grills him about some hilarious antics at Dave Plier’s holiday party, which according to Brian was totally off the hook.

Brian then interviews Cody about his recent trip to Alaska, and Cody explains how life in Alaska is basically like living on another planet. He talks about the unique culture and how everything from road maintenance to neighborliness to health care is almost unrecognizable from anywhere in the contiguous United States.

To wrap up the show, Brian’s daughter Molly (the special guest on the show) discusses life in New York City, working in show business, and how she’s enjoying her first year as a college graduate in the big city.