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Brian and Cody talk egg nog recipes and how a store employee can not know what egg nog is when they’re asked about it during the holiday season. Plus: insider tips for ordering at Starbucks, a story of getting burned in a first grade class, and how to over-decorate for Christmas.

The show begins with an unexpected interruption, as Brian takes a phone call from his daughter letting him know that there’s no egg nog at Walgreen’s. This launches Brian and Cody into a discussion about how that could even be possible in Chicago in mid-December as they wait to see if egg nog can be procured from somewhere else near Tribune Tower.

Then, Cody reveals his recipe for an excellent egg nog and brandy, and explains the meaning of the word “portmanteau,” leading to a hilarious discussion about the English language and different parts of speech. Cody also gives some insider tips for ordering drinks at Starbucks, especially if you want a latte to be less sweet.

Brian turns his attention to Christmas trees and the concept of over-decorating, as he explains how and why he ended up with nearly half a dozen Christmas trees this year despite lacking the space to necessitate so many trees.

Brian’s daughter then arrives in person with a hilarious story of her quest to find egg nog in downtown Chicago, which leads to a discussion about the brand “Organic Valley” and Brian tweeting at Walgreen’s.

Later, Brian tells a story of hot glue and how he got burned in a first grade class, explains his disappointment over the name of the “Elf on the Shelf,” and makes a LOT of Ricobene’s references. You’ll also hear about holiday party shenanigans!

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