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Brian created his own unique version of “Flat Stanley” and had some incredible adventures traveling with it. Hear why it received mixed reviews!

To kick off the show, Cody drops some obscure knowledge about the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, and give Brian a quick check-in on how married life is treating him. Brian and Cody also discuss their thoughts on Twitter’s recent decision to change the length of a tweet from 140 characters to 280 characters.

Then, Brian explains the creation of “Flat Molly,” his version of “Flat Stanley,” and recounts his adventures getting hilarious photographs all around Tulane University while visiting for parent’s weekend. Hear why his photography received mixed reviews from certain members of his audience, and why sometimes it’s hard for parents to look cool to their kids.

Somehow, Brian and Cody then get on the subject of free speech, including Twitter verifying controversial figures and what happens when colleges and universities prevent certain speakers from addressing their student bodies via on-campus speaking engagements. After criticizing really bad Millennial behavior, they turn their attention to airport security, including Brian’s story about the completely ridiculous situation at Midway Airport that nearly made several passengers miss their flights. Hear Brian and Cody lay the verbal smackdown on the TSA and speculate on whether it’s really keeping us safe.

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