Brian Noonan and Cody Gough discuss the billionaire class and seducing celebrities

Brian Noonan

A hotel room at Hotel Amadeus in Salzburg, Austria (Photo credit: Cody Gough)

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When Brian discovers that Cody is traveling to Europe on business, he devises a hilarious plan for him to seduce Emma Watson on an airplane and somehow bring several Swiss Army Knives back to the U.S. 

Cody explains exactly how expensive first-class tickets cost compared to coach tickets when flying overseas, which shocks Brian and will probably shock you, too. Then, they speculate on what kind of interactions Cody might have with billionaires while traveling to a high-profile event for work.

Tune in to hear their hilarious back-and-forth about: men’s fashion and how there’s no way Cody can possibly live up to the standards of European fashion; the history and power of the Swiss Army Knife; how to make small talk with a celebrity (including ridiculous pick-up lines that nobody should ever use ever, even though they’re completely hilarious); the best time to buy winter gear, including but not limited to roll-collar sweaters; what alcoholic beverages you should order if you want to look and act classy around people you don’t know; and predictions on what business-class airplane passengers can get away with doing while in-flight.

Plus: Brian’s family left him alone for a weekend, and he ended up drinking some very classy beverages… by himself. Hear how he felt about spending the weekend alone and what “happens” to adults when they’re left to their own devices sometimes! It’s an outrageous and hilarious full-length podcast you won’t want to miss.

Click here to check out Cody’s WGN Plus podcast, Game/Life Balance U.S.

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