Brian Noonan and Cody Gough talk dog ownership, giant Jenga, and going out past your bedtime

Brian Noonan

From left to right: Roger Badesch, Brian Noonan, and Cody Gough, all shilling for podcast sponsors

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In this web-exclusive podcast, Brian Noonan, Cody Gough, and Roger Badesch discuss pet ownership in the city and managing dogs when you live in an apartment or a house without a yard. The talk includes a lot of poop, but hey, what else would you expect from a conversation about dogs? Roger departs from the illustrious podcast to do actual news on-air, and Cody turns the conversation to a disturbing encounter he had at Greek Fest in Lakeview involving an obnoxious child and a game of giant-sized Jenga. Brian then tells a story of going out “past his bedtime” and laments how he’s progressively gotten tired more early over the years. Plus: shilling for sponsors!

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