Brian Noonan and Cody Gough 11/18/18: Funny radio stories, career talk, and zombies (web-exclusive podcast)

Brian Noonan

PHOTO: WGN Microphone in the Allstate Skyline Studio

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Brian and Cody tell radio and podcast stories, banter about Alabama, discuss job hopping, and end up in a somehow serious conversation about zombies.

Brain kicks off the show with a random reference to Jonathon Brandmeier, whom he idolized as a radio icon when he was younger. Brian describes the first time they met during “cross-talk” (which Brian also explains), and the other occasions when they’d crossed paths without Jon knowing it. It’s a heartwarming slice of behind-the-scenes radio history!

Then, Brian showers Treetime with praise and laments the loss of Santa’s crotch, which he considered to be a staple of the Showcase Studio when the station was located in Tribune Tower on Michigan Avenue. What will Christmas be like without Santa’s crotch? Listen and learn! Speaking of the history of the station, he and Cody also talk about old podcasts and transcribing services and lots of other random personal anecdotes to give you a real taste of what it’s been like working in radio for the past several decades.

Cody then talks about how he’s going to Alabama for a science convention, and Brian makes some over-the-top comments about the state as only Brian can do. Perhaps thanks to somehow retroactive karma, Brian then explains why he had to get a CT scan for potential kidney stones, which then prompts a conversation about the healthcare system and how angry he and Cody are about many inadequacies.

Brian then polls Cody on “job hopping” from a Millennial’s point of view, the perception of company/employee responsibility, short tenures, and other career talk.

To wrap up the show, Brian discusses the fact that shootings have become almost completely normalized, and questions why the governor of Kentucky blames zombies for gun violence. But don’t worry, they don’t get too political!

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