Healthy Active Aging

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Active Aging

bioDensity™ Facts

* bioDensity helps improve bone density, balance and muscle strength needs of an active aging population through a safe, non-pharmaceutical self-loading stimulus.

* bioDensity’s exercises apply the science of the Surgeon General, which states that “Activities that involve impact loading are most useful for increasing or maintaining bone mass.”(The US Surgeon General 2003, Chapter 6)

* Addressing the needs of those most susceptible to fractures, bioDensity’s loading exercises offers a non-pharmaceutical approach that stimulates natural bone development leading to increased bone density.

* Users are guided by their own comfort in self-controlled exercises, safe for both older adults and compromised individuals.

Benefits of bioDensity for Active Aging, Senior Living, and Older Adults

* bioDensity’s unique focus on strengthening the musculoskeletal structure can reduce hospital readmissions, resulting from fractures due to falls.

* bioDensity’s self-induced exercises are very safe since the individual’s central nervous system (comfort level) regulates each person’s limitations.

* The bioDensity system’s osteogenic loading exercises target three of the major risk factors for seniors falling: reduced posture, weak bones, and neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s Disease, thus reducing the susceptibility for fractures which may result in a fall.

* bioDensity’s once-a-week protocol can be seamlessly added into the conventional exercise, therapeutic, and medication programs of nearly all Senior Care facilities. Additionally, there’s no residual pain or discomfort for the user the next day.

* bioDensity’s emphasis on applied research and the latest exercise science offers an attractive marketing opportunity for Continuing Care Retirement Communities and Nursing Homes looking to gain a technological edge in the services they offer.


“We have seen individuals in their 50′s perform like they did in their 30′s and 40′s. With bioDensity users maintain their ability to exercise in a short amount of time and still participate in athletic events as they did years ago. I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about this program.”

– Dr. Steve Shifflett

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