Break4Health and MS

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Break4Health and MS

A Non-Pharmaceutical Option for Bone Health, Strength and Neurological Stimulation

It is well established that strength declines in a linear fashion as people age due to losses in muscle mass (sarcopenia) and other factors. It is also well established that a certain threshold of strength, particularly in the lower body, is necessary to perform typical activities of daily living such as standing up from a chair or toilet, walking, climbing stairs and carrying groceries or young children. The predictable loss of strength that occurs with MS can and does bear directly on daily functional capacity in a very direct way.  As movement of the body demands greater force, more motor neuron activation occurs calling muscle fibers to action.

Break4Health is forging partnerships with organizations like the MS Societies Illinois Chapter in order to gain their support in helping us to achieve our vision…to help MS patients manage their symptoms by providing them with a program which allows them to be physically active by increasing: muscle strength, bone density, flexibility, balance, hormonal responses and blood circulation.



BioDensity provides a method for maximizing motor neuron activation. Benefits from bioDensity are: Increased bone density; Improved balance; Increased strength; Increased caloric expenditure; Improved organ function because of increased cellular demand and Increased neurological function.



The use of Power Plate destabilizes the body through dynamic movement so that performing a balance protocol post-bioDensity session can amplify the neurological activity in balancing the body.

A Study has been done in the UK that has had great results along with multiple unofficial studies worldwide coming to the same conclusions.  All MS participants utilizing the Power Plate experienced an increased sense of wellbeing having improvements in energy levels, physical fitness, independence and mobility.

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