As part of a series called “Lincoln Laureates,” Bob Sirott talks with legendary WGN meteorologist Tom Skilling:

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During this episode of the Lincoln Laureates, you’ll get a deeper understanding of a scientist with an unlikely destination.

As a grade schooler, Tom Skilling was already studying the “upper air charts” published in the nation’s capital. At 14, he began his career as a weather forecaster on his hometown radio station in Aurora, Illinois. Mr. Skilling joined Chicago’s WGN-TV in 1978 as a meteorologist with a passion for public safety. More than four decades ago, he created the Annual Tornado and Severe Weather Seminar at FermiLab in Batavia with a watchful eye on the future of climate science. Tom Skilling received the Order of Lincoln Medallion in the spring of 2023.

Our guest host for this Lincoln Laureates conversation is award-winning broadcast journalist, Bob Sirott.

Bob Sirott

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