The food you should be shopping for while trying to avoid COVID-19/coronavirus

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A man shows honey with a plastic stick on September 11, 2019 in Cuneo, Northwestern Italy. – Unusual weather driven by climate change has wreaked havoc with mankind’s friend the bees, the crucial pollinators of our food crops now struggling to survive in northern Italy. (Photo by Marco BERTORELLO / AFP) / TO GO WITH AFP STORY BY CELINE CORNU (Photo by MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP via Getty Images)

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Roberta Jenero is a licensed dietitian, author and public speaker with over 30 years of clinical nutrition experience. She has specialized in Medical Nutrition Therapy for people with food allergies, diabetes, cardiovascular problems and gastrointestinal disorders. She has also provided nutrition counseling for everyone from athletes to pregnant women to vegetarians and is a spokesperson for the American Heart Association. Roberta joined Bob Sirott to provide tips for eating healthy as more and more people quarantine themselves during the COVID-19/coronavirus outbreak.

Here is a list she put together:

1. Up the ante on your antioxidants! Prime your immune system at meals and snacks packed with colorful fruits and vegetables.

2. Add honey to your tea, smoothies or yogurt. Honey has anti-bacterial and antiviral properties! Feel a sore throat starting, let raw honey bathe your throat. Hot tea more effective at squelching viral invaders.

3. Vitamin C from citrus fruits lemon, limes added to hot water plus teas that support your immune system.  Vitamin C Lozenges to bathe your throat with are very effective at catching viruses where they enter your body.

4. Minerals in lozenge form w zinc and elderberry combination for example are great at peeking your immune system.

5. Prime your nasal passages by blowing your nose more frequently to keep your mucus membranes moist. Homeopathic remedies are available to catch any intruders try to enter your body through your nasal passages

6. Stay hydrated ex. by drinking plenty of water, electrolyte water, coconut water and no sugar added juices mixed with water. This will help keep your tissues populated with germ and virus killing macrophages.

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