The Beat Cop’s Guide to burgers, fries, and ‘tiny pies’

Bob Sirott

Bob Sirott and Lt. David Haynes (WGN Radio)

Lieutenant David Haynes, a police officer who works on the North Side of the city, made his weekly visit to the WGN Radio studios and the Bob Sirott Morning Show. Lt. Haynes, who co-authored “The Beat Cop’s Guide to Chicago Eats,” takes up the recommendation of a listener and visits The Brown Cow Ice Cream Parlor located on 7437 Madison Street in Forest Park, IL. Formerly a show house, Brown Cow now makes homemade ice cream with Lieutenant Dave highlighting the coconut ice cream and the “tiny pies” customers can take home and serve à la mode. Not one to skip dinner before dessert, Lieutenant Dave reviews One Lake Brewing which can be found at 1 Lake Street in Oak Park, IL. The restaurant is a remodeled factory which now serves customizable burgers, fries that Lieutenant Dave adores, and a salad with bacon, apricots, and brussel sprouts.

For more content featuring Lt. Haynes, check out his website: BeatCopsGuide.Net. Got a restaurant suggestion for the Lieutenant? Send him an e-mail at BeatCopsGuide@Gmail.Com.

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