Jon Hansen, host and executive producer of ‘It’s All Good’ podcast from Block Club Chicago, joins Bob Sirott to share the latest Chicago neighborhood stories. Jon has details on:

Do Chicago Bagels Stink? NYC Transplant Looks To Solve ‘Bagel Problem’ By Selling Them Out Of His Apartment: A New York City comedian has taken up a second act as a Chicago bagel maker — and the demand has been “bizarre,” he said.

Lincoln Park Woman Creating ‘Ripple Effect’ Of Joy By Placing Bouquets Across Chicago For Strangers To Take: Jessica Housley started With Love, Chicago in 2017 to bring people together. Since then, she’s created hundreds of bouquets for strangers across the city.

Rogers Park Tent City Residents Served Fake Eviction Notices That Promised To Move Them To Fancy Hotel: ‘Don’t Do That To Us’: The notices impersonated Ald. Maria Hadden and falsely told Touhy Park residents they would be moved to the Four Seasons. A student who has ties to aldermanic candidate Bill Morton claimed responsibility.