Shamus Toomey, Editor in Chief and co-founder of Block Club Chicago, joined Bob Sirott to share the latest Chicago neighborhood stories. Shamus had details on:

Meet Chicago’s ‘Mr. Sunshine,’ The Only Man Who Tracks Sunlight In The City — Even Though He’s Been Retired 28 Years: Seven years ago, the National Weather Service switched to a system that does not track sunshine. With a sensor already on his roof, Frank Wachowski stepped in. “We’re the only country in the world that no longer tracks sunshine; it’s unbelievable.”

Billy Corgan Always Loved The Neon Orange Garden ‘Chop Suey’ Sign. Now, He Owns It: Chloé Mendel and her partner, the Smashing Pumpkins frontman, bought the 1930s sign at auction and plan to hang it in their Highland Park café.

To find out more about Rosie the pig, click on the headline: Buena Park’s Beloved Rosie The Pig Dies At 9: ‘Everyone Was Saying If They Saw Rosie, They Had A Lucky Day’

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