Shamus Toomey, Editor in Chief and co-founder of Block Club Chicago, joined Bob Sirott to share the latest Chicago neighborhood stories. Shamus had details on:

Shared Scooters Are Coming Back To Chicago This Spring, With 4,000 Expected To Hit The Streets: Lime, Spin and Superpedestrian will put 3,000 scooters on the streets this spring — and Lyft will add 1,000 Divvy scooters to the Downtown area, according to the city.

Obvious Shirts Opens Wrigleyville Store On Opening Day: ‘Cubs Haven’t Lost A Game Since Our Retail Store’s Been Open’: Obvious Shirts got its start as an online business in 2015 after owner Joe Johnson wore a blue shirt that read, “Jake Arrieta is good at baseball,” to the player’s last start of the season. By the end of the game, he had dozens of orders.

Humboldt Park’s Puerto Rican Flags Could Become Chicago Landmarks: The towering flags, which were erected in 1995 to mark the Puerto Rican community, are on their way to becoming a landmark after a city commission approved the designation Thursday.