Jen Sabella, the Director of Strategy and co-founder of Block Club Chicago, joins Wendy Snyder, filling in for Bob Sirott, to share the latest Chicago neighborhood stories. She provided details on:

City’s Move To Make Police Scanners Private ‘Makes Everyone’s Job Harder,’ Violence Prevention Groups Say: With radio transmissions set to be fully encrypted by early next year, street mediators who rely on scanners will have to figure out other ways to deescalate potentially violent situations.

A Blizzard Bar Crawl? West Loopers Plan To Brave Brutal Storm To Raise Money For Dog Park: Meteorologists have warned people to stay inside, but a group of West Loopers plans to bundle up and walk to a few bars in the neighborhood anyway.

Nobody’s Darling, Wildly Popular Andersonville LGBTQ Cocktail Bar, Plans Expansion: The Black-woman-owned LGBTQ bar opened last year and has already been nominated for a James Beard award.