Jen Sabella, the Director of Strategy and co-founder of Block Club Chicago, joins Wendy Snyder, filling in for Bob Sirott, to share the latest Chicago neighborhood stories. She provides details on:

What’s Up With All The White Fluff? Why Cottonwood Trees Are Seeding Like Crazy This Year: These types of trees expel their seeds en masse every few years, and it usually only lasts a few weeks. The seed blizzard is more noticeable this year because there’s been so little rain, an expert said.

The StopAlong Opens In Former Boiler Room Space This Week: The new owners kept some of Boiler Room’s original details, but the reimagined restaurant has a different signature pizza and StopAlong staples, arcade games and colorful decor.

Wicker Park’s The Point Is Reopening After Extended Shutdown — But Building Owner Still Trying To Evict Nightclub: A concert at The Point is scheduled for Friday. Police shut down the bar in February 2022 after two high-profile shootings outside. The owner said he’s since “enhanced” security measures — but didn’t give specifics.

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