Shamus Toomey, Editor in Chief and co-founder of Block Club Chicago, joined Bob Sirott to share the latest Chicago neighborhood stories. Shamus had details on:

Private Lot Booting Could Soon Be Legal In All Of Chicago As Controversial Ordinance Clears Huge Hurdle, Heads To City Council: Booting is legal on a ward-by-ward basis but the City Council will vote on an ordinance to permit it citywide. Critics call the practice predatory while defenders say it’s better than the alternative: getting towed.

Garrett Popcorn Beer Is Coming As Chicago Icon Teams Up With Revolution Brewing For ‘CaramelCrisp’: CaramelCrisp, which clocks in at 7 percent, is brewed like a tradition brown ale — but with 450 pounds of fresh Garrett’s popcorn thrown into each batch.

As Touhy Park’s Tent City Swells, Park District Closes Its Field House And Moves Programs: A tent encampment that has resided in Touhy Park since summer 2021 has led to debates about how to best help its residents while keeping the park available.

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