Jen Sabella, the Director of Strategy and co-founder of Block Club Chicago, joins Wendy Snyder, filling in for Bob Sirott, to share the latest Chicago neighborhood stories. She provids details on:

West Humboldt Park Pool Should Be Reopened To Public To Protect Neighbors From Heat, Violence, Residents Say: “It would give the kids and the people, the taxpayers, something to do and somewhere to go other than the corners and hanging out and doing bad stuff,” one neighbor said.

Trikone Chicago Wants To Celebrate LGBTQ South Asians With Its First-Ever Pride Float — But It Needs Your Help: Trikone has long provided community and resources to queer South Asians. Its members hope to raise awareness of their work through a Bollywood-themed float at the Pride Parade.

Big Dogs Need Homes, Too: PAWS Chicago Hosting Saturday Adoption Event For Large Pooches: It can be hard to find homes for bigger dogs in Chicago. PAWS hopes to help them connect with families by waiving adoption fees for those dogs during a Saturday event.

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