Shamus Toomey, Editor in Chief and co-founder of Block Club Chicago, joined Bob Sirott to share the latest Chicago neighborhood stories. Shamus had details on:

The Wild Mile’s First Stretch Is Ready, Bringing Floating Gardens, Paths And More To Chicago River’s North Branch: PHOTOS: The Wild Mile is an ambitious project to turn a 1-mile stretch of the Chicago River from North to Halsted into a floating, wildlife-first educational park.

9 Huge Cell Towers Going Up In Grant Park For Lollapalooza— But They’re Not There To Stay: Despite the sturdy construction of the towers, workers on the scene said the towers are temporary.

Newly Installed Life Rings Help Save Man From Drowning In Rogers Park: The Park District installed life rings along the lakefront late last year and early this summer following years of advocacy for life-saving devices by Rogers Park neighbors and officials.

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