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Jen Sabella, the Director of Strategy and co-founder of Block Club Chicago, joined host Lisa Dent, in for Bob Sirott, to share the latest Chicago neighborhood stories.

Chicago Double Dutch Club Helps Women Over 40 Relive Their Recess Glory “When we jump double dutch, it takes us back in time to a place where we didn’t have to worry about kids, jobs, bills, any of those things,” founder Pamela Robinson said. “It’s a club for women to come out and play outside again.”

‘Dangerous’ Rogers Park Pier Gets New Warning Signs, But A Second Life Ring Is Removed Following neighbor complaints, Two new “Danger No Swimming or Diving” signs and additional sign in Spanish were added to the pier at Tobey Prinz Beach Park.

You Can Support Literacy In Chicago Schools With Pretty Cool Ice Cream’s Graphic Novel-Inspired Flavor The Logan Square shop’s newest flavor is inspired by author Dave Scheidt’s graphic novel for kids, “Mayor Good Boy.” It’s about a dog who becomes mayor of a fictional town.