Shamus Toomey, Editor in Chief and co-founder of Block Club Chicago, joins Wendy Snyder, filling in for Bob Sirott, to share the latest Chicago neighborhood stories. Shamus has details on:

Will The West Loop Get Private Security? It’s Likely After At Least 2 Attempted Kidnappings: Wealthy neighborhoods frustrated with crime have turned to private security. One West Loop alderman supports the idea while another wants locals to consider other options.

You Can Now Get Wagyu Beef Hot Dogs At Home Depot: Wagyu beef is being served with a side of hardware at Fixin’ Franks, the hot dog stands inside Chicago Home Depot stores.

How Did This Chicago Divvy Bike End Up In Mexico? It’s Unclear, But ‘Can’t Blame This Bike For Heading South’: Chicagoan Ruperto Vergara spotted the characteristic bright blue bike parked outside a Mexican grocery store. A lost or stolen bike can cost a user $1,200.