Dr. Kevin Most on good germs needed for our health, at-home testing kits, and more

Bob Sirott

This 2011 digitally-colorized electron microscope image made available by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases shows a clump of green-colored, spheroid-shaped, Staphylococcus epidermidis bacteria on a purple-colored matrix. We share our bodies with trillions of mostly friendly microbes that are important for things like good digestion. Now scientists are learning how that microbial zoo can change in ways that one day might let them predict who’s at risk for brewing health problems. (NIAID via AP)

Dr. Kevin Most, the Chief Medical Officer at Northwestern Medicine’s Central DuPage Hospital, joins Bob Sirott every Monday morning following the 6:30 news. During today’s visit, Dr. Most commented on the latest COVID-19 news, including the status of at-home test kits; and how likely is it to get the virus from a surface or from the virus on our hands. Dr. Most also explains the need for us to still be exposed to microbes, as scrubbing away all of the germs can weaken our body’s own natural defenses to everyday threats.

COVID-19 risk as determined by nonprofit Covid Act Now.

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