The Walkers Among Us

Bill Leff and Wendy Snyder
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I now think I truly understand what it means to be a fan!
My 11-year-old son Dylan turned me on to The Walking Dead.
Yes, I had heard all the buzz going on about the show, but I just didn’t have the time necessary to commit to a new series that I was already 4 seasons behind on.
Dylan marathoned his way through the first 3 seasons in about a week.
And then, he made me sit down on the couch next to him while he got the NetFlix ready to roll and said, “Mom! You’re watching this!”
And there it was! My new obsession…The Walking Dead!
I have crossed the threshold of fandom!
We all like certain things in life, but sometimes we come across that special something that just sucks us in and will not allow us to let go of it.
It now makes total sense to me why Dylan and his brother Michael had to share a bedroom for so many years!
Yes, Jimmy Mac… You can keep your Star Wars Room!
But, just so you know…
The Walking Dead Room is now under construction!

Cris Macht is a friend of ours, who is funding a documentary about The Walking Dead on KickStarter and my son Dylan is in the film.
If you’re a Walking Dead fan and want to see this film, help Cris meet his goal before Monday.
Don’t let the Walkers get you before the deadline!
(I probably shouldn’t use the word DEADline!)

–Wendy Snyder

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