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  • Smartphone plan ‘protects the wallet and the teenager’

    Parents or guardians have a new option to consider when picking the right smartphone plan for their kid. On Thursday, Verizon launched Just Kids. It includes 5GB of 4G LTE data, unlimited talk and text to 20 pre-approved contacts, Safety Mode to avoid data overages, and 480p video streaming. It includes access to Verizon’s popular Smart Family feature. It normally costs an additional $9.99/mo, but comes free with Just Kids. Smart Family has content filters, location tracking, usage limits and […]

  • Trade-worker shortage drives opportunity in Illinois

    There’s a shortage of skilled trade workers in the U.S. – including in Illinois. A recent study, conducted by the Associated General Contractors of America, suggests up to 80% of contractors nationwide are having difficulty filling well-paying job openings. Many industry leaders warn, if unchecked, it could pose significant risk to future economic growth. In towns across Illinois, small business owners are sounding the alarm. Justin Carrol is founder of Perfect Home Services – a plumbing, heating and air-conditioning business […]

  • R. Kelly: Offstage

    Since the release of Lifetime’s docuseries ‘Surviving R.Kelly’ in January, the singer has faced massive legal scandal. Survivors, media, and legal advocates alike have come forward in the pursuit of justice for all those affected by Robert Kelly’s actions. WGN Radio News Anchor Vic Vaughn and Executive Producer Ro Coleman present to you “R.Kelly: Offstage,” a full mini-series detailing the past, present, and future outcomes of the Lifetime docuseries, R.Kelly’s actions, and more.

  • Why giving your teen a credit card makes perfect sense

    Building and sustaining a good credit history is nearly an art form and can prove to be just as valuable. Now may be the right time to start teaching your teen how to do it! Erica Sandberg is a consumer finance expert, reporter and advice columnist at She walks us through some of the do’s and dont’s and offers some great tips on getting your teen way ahead of the game. Click below to listen to the full interview:

  • America’s New Soldiers

    In our series called “America’s New Soldiers,” WGN’s Vic Vaughn travels to Fort Benning Georgia to meet some of the nation’s volunteer freedom fighters as they endure Basic Military Training.  

  • My trip to the ‘Home of the U.S. Army’s Infantry’ with 30 Chicago-area teachers

    I recently had the opportunity to travel to Fort Benning Georgia with more than two dozen high school and college educators from Chicago and its suburbs. It was part of the Army’s 2018 Educators Tour…a program aimed at exposing teachers to some of the opportunities the military has to offer students.

  • Photos: Vic Vaughn at Fort Benning – In-Processing of new soldiers

    WGN Radio’s Vic Vaughn is at Fort Benning, Georgia, as part of the U.S. Army’s Chicago Recruiting Battalion Educators Tour. Today he observed a group of new soldiers going through “in-processing,” which includes medical, dental and vision exams and fittings for uniforms.

  • Raffi brings his kid-friendly fun-loving tunes to Chicago

    He knows his audience and they love him! Raffi Cavoukian gave us “Up on the House-Top,” “Down by the Bay,” and “Wheels on the Bus,” but his next generation of fans may know him even better by songs like “Baby Beluga” and “Bananaphone”! Raffi has new songs that he’ll be singing, along with his all-time favorites, this Sunday, April 8th starting at 1 p.m. at the Harris Theater in Chicago. WGN’s Vic Vaughn had a chance to speak with Raffi […]

  • Simple ways to shape your kid into a critical thinker

    Wouldn’t it be nice if your child or teen offered CLEAR explanations, ACCURATE facts, RELEVANT questions and LOGICAL discussions…all while having EMPATHY for others? Critical thinking can provide a solid foundation for all of these attributes and more. To help us with some simple guidelines, WGN Radio’s Vic Vaughn sat down with the founder and CEO of Urban Balance, Joyce Marter. She’s a psychotherapist , writer and president of the Illinois Counseling Association.:

  • Lincoln Park Zoo’s seals will get more room and shade with exhibit rehab

    LINCOLN PARK — Arguably the most popular exhibit at the Lincoln Park Zoo, the Kovler Seal Pool, is about to get a makeover. Starting early next week, crews will begin the renovations, which include doubling the size of the deck space, adding more shade for the seals and adding artificial seaweed, which will give the water “more complexity,” according to Dave Bernier, general curator for the Lincoln Park Zoo. Click here for more on this story from DNAinfo. “The changes won’t be major structural changes […]

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