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  • Tech and PC solutions

    Bill Moller talks to Chris McDermott and Mike Pankiewicz from Micro Center about smart watches, and they answer listeners’ questions about Windows and other PC issues. And take advantage of this special deal: Micro Center will give Bill’s listeners a 50% discount on the pro versions of the top antivirus programs, EST NOD32 and Malwarebytes (the #1 anti-malware program). Just go into one of Chicagoland’s 2 Micro Center stores (on Elston in Chicago or in Westmont) and mention Bill’s name […]

  • Clean tech jobs

    Bill Moller talks to Erik Birkerts, Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer of the Clean Energy Trust, about renewable energy and clean jobs in Illinois.

  • The frightening future

    Bill Moller talks to Erik Childress from about dystopian movies, and listeners share memorable ones.

  • The TV answer man

    Bill Moller talks to Brian Tallerico from about TV news, crying at movies, and Brian answers listeners’ questions about TV.

  • Entrepreneur: Mana Ionescu’s Lightspan Digital

    Bill Moller talks to Mana Ionescu about her digital marketing company, Lightspan Digital, and her Romanian background.  

  • Entrepreneur: Dan Weinfurter

    Bill Moller talks to Dan Weinfurter, author of Second Stage Entrepreneurship and managing partner at Chicago Growth Consultants, about the successful Intelligentsia Coffee business model.

  • Will the economy bounce back?

    Bill Moller talks with Matt Shapiro from MWS Capital about the middle class and assessing the market, and Matt answers listeners’ questions about investments.

  • Stocks and Ukraine

    Bill Moller talks with Matt Shapiro from MWS Capital about how the situation in Ukraine is affecting the stock market, and Matt answers listeners’ questions about investments.

  • Be a sun hero

    Bill Moller talks with Dr. Amy Brodsky and her husband, Joel, who’s the Executive Director of the Pediatric Sun Protection Foundation, about sun shields, which protect skin against sun damage.

  • Save the building trades program

    Lou Manfredini talks to Dave Keely, who’s taught building trades at Ottawa Township High School, about why the Building Trades program is important and should continue.

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