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  • The Markets 10/13/18: Dow ends Friday up 282 points after volatile week

    Orion opens the show with a look at a very active week on Wall Street. Later, Orion sits down with Jerry Gulke of The Gulke Group. Orion also checks in with Jennifer Huston, the President-Elect of the NCBA. Finally, Orion closes the show in typical fashion, with an extended look at agribusiness.

  • David Hochberg loves helping vets like John become our next Biggest Winner

    David Hochberg chats with navy vet John about why he didn’t call David first and how the Perl Mortgage team turned things around quickly!

  • Tammy Scarlett and Ami Bumia discuss the launch of Elevate by RISE for women!

    Tammy Scarlett & The VP of Sales at Fulton Grace Realty, Ami Bumia, join the #MODSquad to discuss where they see the market heading and their launch of Elevate by RISE for Women in Real Estate!   http://class=text_exposed_showad_params=zones%3DPreroll%7Cstation_id%3D5618.mp3

  • The Markets 10/6/18: Wall Street ends week with thud as tech stocks take beating

    Orion opens the show with a look at the down week on Wall Street. Later, Max sits down with Mike Pearson. Finally, Orion closes the week as he does every Markets, with a look at agribusiness.

  • How can you become our next Biggest Winner after the Fed rate hike?

    David Hochberg lays out how he can help you become our next biggest winner, even with the upcoming rate hike recently approved by the federal reserve.  

  • The Markets 9/29/18: Wall Street closes flat Friday after strong third quarter

    Orion opens the show by taking a closer look at a flat end of the week on Wall Street. Later, Max sits down with Brian Basting. Finally, Orion closes the show with his usual look at agribusiness.

  • Judy Frydland has important tips for home buyers!

    The Commissioner of the Chicago Department of Buildings, Judy Frydland, joins the #MODSquad to provide important tips for prospective home buyers and discuss how the buildings department is supporting Chicago’s building boom! Joe Glorioso of Windy City Consulting is also in studio to give us the secrets behind figuring out permits for your next project!   http://class=text_exposed_showad_params=zones%3DPreroll%7Cstation_id%3D5618.mp3

  • The Markets 9/22/18: Wall Street hits record high Friday, posts solid weekly gain

    Orion opens the show by taking a look at the strong week on Wall Street as global trade fears fade. Later, Max checks in with Brian Basting of Advanced Trading. Finally, Orion closes the show in typical fashion, with a close look at agribusiness.

  • Why an attorney is such an important part of the home buying process!

    Leo Aubel of Howard & Howard joined the #MODSquad to discuss the importance of attorneys in real estate and what roles they play, as well as going over the landlord and tenant ordinance, security deposits vs move in fees, and more! Then Catherine Berry came on to promote the 2018 Owner Symposium, a day-long educational and networking event which will be held on October 6th to educate property owners who are already participating or interested, the Housing Choice Voucher (HVC) Program!   […]

  • Cindy Piazza can help make you our next Biggest Winner!

    David chats with Cindy about some of the home buying trends she is focused on during 2018. Cindy can be contacted at Perl Mortgage or by clicking right here!