Cody Gough

I’m Cody Gough, producer of the Brian Noonan Show and fill-in host at WGN Radio. As an established radio veteran, I’ve been with the station since working as Spike O’Dell’s last intern in 2008, and I also host and produce the Curiosity Podcast for the award-winning

On the WGN Radio web site, you can hear me on-air with Brian Noonan and on his web-exclusive podcasts, or you can listen to my lifestyle podcast, Game/Life Balance, on WGN Plus (the official podcast network of WGN Radio). I’m also a writer for, the GonnaGeek Network, and HuffPost.

In addition to my broadcast and writing activities, I moonlight as a video game enthusiast and commercial actor. I’m a graduate of the Second City Conservatory, Annoyance Theatre, and iO Theater improv programs, and have written and performed for a variety of theater, film, and web productions, as well as industrial/commercial videos.

I also have a storied career as a social media marketer, managing online efforts for companies through start-up, marketing agency, and B2B consulting firm work environments. In these full-time roles, I have developed expertise in all areas of social media marketing, having developed and executed comprehensive social media strategies for a number of organizations (Kenmore, Craftsman, Head & Shoulders, New Balance, Kraft, Corona, Pacifico, LiftMaster, P&G, Omron, Subway, Nuveen Investments) across a variety of industries from concept to execution, and having trained hundreds of colleagues on optimizing their digital brands.

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