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  • Wedding worries? Amy Allen and Michelle Durpetti share tips on how to be ready for your big day

    Jane Monzures is getting married and there’s so much to do in so little time! Luckily, Amy Allen of Modern Luxury Weddings and Michelle Durpetti of Michelle Durpetti Events stop by in-studio to give her the low down on what’s hot and what’s not in the wedding world.

  • Chef Louie Alexakis talks Greek cuisine and secret family recipes

    Chef Louie Alexakis from Avli Taverna in Lincoln Park joins Jane Monzures in-studio to share some thoughts on the popularity of Greek food in Chicago and the success of his new restaurant. Plus, listeners share their secret family recipes for some truly unique home dining.  

  • Taste testing the best supermarket brand coffee and recipes for National Grapefruit Month

    This week on Food Time: Gwen Ihnat, deputy managing editor of The Takeout, drops by in-studio to give you the verdict on the best tasting supermarket brand coffee. Maxwell House, Folgers and more go head to head to earn the prize of best bean. Plus, February is National Grapefruit Month so Emily Johnson, Associate Editor at Epicurious phones in to celebrate with delicious recipes that use grapefruit’s unique flavor profile.

  • No Coast Cinema Ep. 64 | Bing Liu, “Minding the Gap”

    This week on No Coast Cinema: Tom is joined by Bing Liu, Academy Award nominated director of Minding the Gap, a stellar documentary that traces the lives of three young men (including Liu himself) growing up in Rockford, IL. As they deal with the difficulties of becoming adults, they must also contend with histories of abuse both in others and within themselves. Liu talks about putting together the years worth of footage, stepping in front of the camera and how […]

  • Bozo’s legacy: Dean Richards talks with the families of the original star Bob Bell and producer Don Sandburg

    Dean Richards welcomes the families of Bob Bell and Don Sandburg to talk about the immortal legacy of “Bozo’s Circus” and the talented team behind a piece of a Chicago history. Carol Bell (Bob’s wife),  Joan Roy (Bob’s daughter), and Doug Sandburg (Don’s son) all join Dean by phone while Jeff Bell (Bob’s son) is in our Allstate Skyline Studio. It’s all in preparation for a huge special titled Bozo’s Circus: The 1960s, a collection of digitally remastered segments from […]

  • This Week in Theatre: Blake Hammond and Jake Morrissy, The Producers at the Paramount Theatre

    This week in theatre, Dean Richards welcomes the stars of The Producers at the Paramount Theatre in Aurora, Blake Hammond and Jake Morrissy. From comedy legend Mel Brooks, The Producers tells the hilarious story of shifty Broadway producer Max Bialystock (Hammond) as he tricks the neurotic Leo Bloom (Morrissy) into producing the single worst musical of all time. The two leads perform “I Wanna Be a Producer” and “We Can Do It” live in the Allstate Skyline Studio. The Producers runs through March 17, 2019. […]

  • A postcard to Bozo finally arrives 40 years later

    As a little girl, Sonali Dighe sent a post card to Bozo’s Circus in hopes of making a pen pal out of her favorite TV personality. 40 years later, her letter finally arrived. Dean talks with Sonali about growing up with Bozo and why “Bozo’s Circus” holds such a special place in the hearts of Chicagoans. It’s all in preparation for a huge special titled Bozo’s Circus: The 1960s, a collection of digitally remastered segments from the first decade of […]

  • Birds and Beers with Jeff Skrentny and Molly McGown

    Dave Hoekstra welcomes Jeff Skrentny and Molly McGown to talk about “beer drinkers with a birding problem” and the upcoming Birds and Beers event at Metropolitan Brewing.

  • The Patti Vasquez Show 2.13.19 | Dr. Kathy Tynus, Author Ben Austen, iTunes psychic Dr. Lars Dingman and attorney John Culver

    Tonight on the Patti Vasquez Show: Author Ben Austen takes on the complicated legacy and long lasting impact of the Cabrini-Green homes in his book “High Risers: Cabrini Green and the Fate of American Public Housing”. Cabrini-Green holds an interesting place in culture, even inspiring pointed political satire on “Saturday Night Live” and the horror film “Candyman”, and Ben explores our collective memory of the homes and how it effects our perception of public housing. Dr. Kathy Tynus looks at the […]

  • Young Stracke All-Stars pluck, strum and sing on the Nocturnal Journal

    Dave Hoekstra welcomes the Young Stracke All-Stars from the Old Town School of Folk Music into the Allstate Skyline Studio to show their stuff. The band will be calling it quits after 11 years with a final show at Chicago’s legendary Hideout on February 16th. The performance also features Corky Siegel and Hippocampus Longsword. Tickets are available now.

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