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  • Bears expert Lou Canellis talks new restaurant, Avli Taverna

    Not just a great sportscaster, Lou Canellis is also a talented restauranteur! Lou joins Pete and Jane to talk about his new dining endeavor,  Avli Taverna, and his passion for contemporary Greek dining. Avli Taverna will offer Greek wine and coffee as well as homemade baked goods and so much more. Keep an eye out for Avili Taverna’s opening day soon!

  • Malory Scordato from Eataly Chicago talks new dining experience, Biata

    Malory Scordato, General Manager of Restaurants for Eataly Chicago, is in-studio with Pete and Jane to talk about the new restaurant inside Eataly called Biata. Inspired by the ski lodges of the Italian Alps, Biata offers food and drink perfect for the chilly Chicago diner. Pete, Jane and the gang sample some of the delicious new dishes available at Biata and talk about how the new restaurant will enhance the Eataly experience. For more details and reservations, visit  

  • Artist Elliot From talks shoes, art and Blackhawks

    Accomplished artist and fellow Bradley graduate Elliot From stops by in-studio to talk art and giving with Pete and Jane. Elliot is best known for his celebrated connection to the 3-time Stanley Cup winning Chicago Blackhawks with whom he has had an ongoing business relationship for the last 5 years, but he also talks about his amazing work with non-profit charities and his new work in artistic footwear. Discover all of Elliot’s art at and  

  • WGN Nightside | Paul Lisnek and Erik Runge talk politics, comedy, mind reading and more

    Tonight on WGN Nightside: WGN TV’s Paul Lisnek and WGN Radio’ Eric Runge co-host the Nightside and it’s a show you won’t want to miss! Legendary CNN anchor Candy Crowley is on the line to talk about the  death of Jamal Khashoggi and what it means for journalists abroad and at home. The cast of the mockumentary “Studio B” drops by the studio to turn WGN into a comedic madhouse, including a fully improvised freestyle rap from cast member Marcel Wilks. Mind […]

  • How to enjoy better wine with Winestyr

    Winestyr co-founders Scott Washburn and Bob Wilson join Scott in-studio at WGN Radio to drink wine. Headquartered in Chicago, Winestyr sends its members expertly curated wine right to the front door. Scott’s been a member for years, and he’d sell a kidney to keep his subscription going. This episode is sponsored by Salesforce, Bank of America & Jones Lang LaSalle. Now you can listen to Technori on Spotify!

  • SwipeSense is improving hospital efficiency and sanitation

    SwipeSense founder Mert Iseri joins Scott in-studio at WGN Radio to talk sanitation in hospitals. SwipeSense is like a GPS tracker for the inside of hospitals, making sure nurses stay sanitized and that the hospital runs as smoothly as possible. This episode is sponsored by Salesforce, Bank of America & Jones Lang LaSalle. Now you can listen to Technori on Spotify!

  • Scott Kitun and Vic Pascucci put startup founders in their place

    Lightbank Managing Partner Vic Pascucci joins Scott in-studio at WGN Radio to talk about how founders today are severely entitled. It’s time to stop holding their hands and start telling them the truth; there’s more to being a founder than, well, being a founder. This episode is sponsored by Salesforce, Bank of America & Jones Lang LaSalle. Now you can listen to Technori on Spotify!

  • WGN Nightside 10.16.18 | Elysabeth Alfano talks plant-based diets, vegan motorcycle clubs and combating animal testing

    Tonight on the WGN Nightside: Elysabeth Alfano returns with another night full of fascinating guests! Daniel Staackmann and Nicole Sopko from Upton’s Naturals stop by to talk about their contributions to the plant-based diet and how meat alternatives can be used to make delicious dishes like gyros, tacos and even BBQ! Burac Sarak rides in to talk about the Vegan’s Choice Motorcycle Club,  a group of motorcycle enthusiasts who advocate for the rights of animals and are re-defining the biker […]

  • The Great Outdoors w/ Charlie Potter | Bruce Rauner talks environmental policy

    Join host Charlie Potter for your weekly news and interviews related to the environment, nature and the great outdoors.

  • No Coast Cinema Ep. 52 | Kyle Henry, “Rogers Park”

    Today on No Coast Cinema, Tom and Conor sit down with director Kyle Henry to discuss his film Rogers Park, a critically acclaimed dramedy that examines four people struggling amidst midlife crises. Kyle shares insight into the production and distribution processes for the film, his background in the independent film scene, and touches on the communal spirit that makes Rogers Park such a natural place to film. Rogers Park can be found on iTunes, VUDU, and Amazon Prime