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  • One month after Michael – A Florida Panhandle update from Steve and Johnnie

    As many WGN Radio listeners know, Steve King and Johnnie Putman have a house in Panama City Beach, Florida. Although they were not in Florida when Hurricane Michael devastated the Panhandle in October, they did return there not long afterwards and have been there since. They write, “We’re fine and, as we said in the blog, other than a some downed trees and debris that we’re getting cleaned up, our little house is fine, too.  Compared to the life-changing devastation […]

  • Steve and Johnnie’s Halloween Poem

    A Halloween Classic from Steve King & Johnnie Putman: Scare the dickens out of a group of children or impressionable friends. This poem should be read in the basement or a comparable area where it is dark. A flashlight should be used by the reader, and you should gather the props [described in brackets] ahead of time.

  • Video: Steve & Johnnie’s 2018 Genesis G80 3.8 AWD Road Test

    As Lexus is to Toyota, Infiniti is to Nissan and Acura is to Honda so the recently minted Genesis line is to Hyundai. Over the years we’ve become more and more impressed with the quality of vehicles Hyundai is producing. So, what do we think of their luxury brand, Genesis, G80 3.8 AWD model? Well just take a look and see for yourself. And, if you’d like to see what our friends at Consumer Guide Automotive thought about this specific […]

  • Video: Steve & Johnnie’s 2018 Toyota Camry XLE Road Test

    For the past 15 years the Toyota Camry has found a home at the top of the automotive sales charts. The 2018 edition brings some dramatic changes to the table. What do we think of them? Well, just click on this video, take a drive with us and see for yourself. For 20 plus years our Radio Road Test was a weekly feature on our show. We’re proud to be long-time members of the Midwest Automotive Media Association. Now, we’re […]

  • Steve and Johnnie remember Elvis Presley’s drummer, the legendary D.J. Fontana

    We’ve lost the man who defined the backbeat of Rock & Roll.  More importantly, we’ve lost a gentle, humble man with an easy, shy smile who we were privileged to know, Dominic Joseph Fontana, better known throughout the world as D.J. Fontana. When Elvis Presley added a drummer to the original “Blue Moon Boys,” Scotty Moore and Bill Black, it was D.J.Fontana.  With the dawn of Rock & Roll and Elvis’s popularity on shows like the “Louisiana Hayride,” D.J. was finally able to move his drum set […]

  • Steve & Johnnie’s Video Road Test: 2017 & a Half(?!?) Mazda 6 Touring

    Yes, you read correctly, we’re testing a 2017.5 Mazda 6 Touring. It’s sort of mid-way between a 2017 and a 2018 and … well, you’ll just have to take a look. And to see what our friends at Consumer Guide said about this vehicle, just click on this link: For 20 plus years our Radio Road Test was a weekly feature on our show. We’re proud to be long-time members of the Midwest Automotive Media Association. Now, we’re bringing […]

  • ‘We’ve lost one of a kind’ – Steve and Johnnie remember Milt Rosenberg

    One of the most amazing “perks” of our time spent at WGN radio is that we’ve had the luxury (and pressure!) of working with an incredible cast of genuine broadcast legends.  Wednesday morning we got the sad news that one of those legends, our friend, Milt Rosenberg, passed away. Milt Rosenberg was “Old School” in the best of ways. Many of them ways you probably never knew about because they didn’t happen behind a microphone. We were reminded of that […]

  • Video: Steve and Johnnie’s conversation with Joel Paterson

    World-renowned Chicago guitarist Joel Paterson recently had a CD Release party at Space, in Evanston, IL. for his album “Hi-Fi Christmas Guitar.” He was nice enough to invite us backstage for a conversation and let us share some video of his performance with you. If you’re a Les Paul fan, you’re gonna love this. We think Les would have loved it, too. We had a good time, Santa had a good time, and, hopefully, so will you. For more informaton […]

  • Steve & Johnnie’s Video Road Test: 2017 Toyota Camry XLE

    The XLE may not be at the top of the Camry’s pecking order, but we found that it’s a great “bang for the buck” value that has a lot to offer. Take a look and see what you think. For 20 plus years our Radio Road Test was a weekly feature on our show. We’re proud to be long-time members of the Midwest Automotive Media Association. Now, we’re bringing another edition of our VIDEO Road Test to cyberspace. For more […]

  • Steve & Johnnie: A Conversation With Marcia Ball

    Multi-award winning Grammy nominee Marcia Ball has always been, not only one of our favorite guests, but one of our favorite performers. When she recently brought her New Orleans boogie/R&B/blues gumbo to the stage at Evanston Space, we were invited backstage. Along with our conversation, “Her Tallness” also let us video part of her performance to share with you. Enjoy … we sure did!

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