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  • Solving chronic aches and pains

    Jill Miller, creator of Yoga Tune Up, joins Carol to discuss how to fix chronic aches and pains the easy way, starting with yourself. Check out more at and on Twitter at @yogatuneup

  • Football concussions

    Attorney Joseph Siprut joins Mike to discuss the risk of head injuries in football. Siprut suggests ways to mitigate and police these injuries instead of turning a blind eye to the issues that are affecting football players in the college level as well as the NFL.

  • Compensation for family leave

    Jessica Mason Pieklo, senior legal analyst at RH Reality Check, joins Mike to discuss family leave and its concerns behind work ethics.

  • Entrepreneurship

    Joel Libava, the Franchise King, joins Carol to give advice on starting a franchise and discusses opportunities of  entrepreneurship. Check out more at and on Twitter at @FranchiseKing.

  • Were things really better in the 60’s and 70’s?

    Mike discuss the cost of living in comparison to that of today versus the 1960’s and 70’s.

  • February 05, 2013 Paul Green

    Paul Green, Director of the Institute for Politics and Arthur Rubloff Professor of Policy Studies at Roosevelt University, joins Mike to discuss immigration, Sandy Jackson, school consolidations, pensions and various other topics.

  • A ‘baby bust’

    Jonathon V. Last, senior writer at Weekly Standard, joins Mike to discuss the lack of children entering the world today and its impact on the future of generations to come.

  • Hardcore Pawn: Chicago

    Randy Cohen and Wayne Cohen, owners of Royal Pawn Shop Chicago and stars of truTV’s new hit show Hardcore Pawn: Chicago, join Carol to discuss how to pawn and their show! Check out more at and on Twitter at @RandyHCPC, @WayneHCPC and @RoyalPawn.

  • Traveling and vacation tips

    Keith Bellows, Senior Vice President and editor-in-chief of National Geographic Traveler magazine, joins Carol to discuss traveling and answers questions on how to plan a travel vacation. Check out more at and on Twitter at @KeithBellowsNG

  • The myth of the stagnant middle class

    Mark J Perry, scholar at The American Enterprise Institute and professor of finance and business economics in the School of Management at the University of Michigan-Flint, joins Mike to discuss the middle class. Check out more at